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Diane Kruger's Self-care Tips

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All around us, we see examples of people living the sort of lives we aspire to.

Celebrities often reveal their self-care tips and wellness routines, hoping to use their influence to improve the lives of those around them. Often, those routines are simple and do not involve expensive therapies or extravagant travel to fulfil. The most beautiful and inspirational people around the world can have very basic and achievable tips that anyone can follow, even you.


Diane Kruger
Actress Diane Kruger
Photo credit: Harald Krichel


We have already discussed the benefits of Women Helping Women which is why we have turned to a famous female icon for a set of wellness and self-care tips you can follow. German actress Diane Kruger rose to fame through her role as Helen of Sparta in the 2004 epic Troy, alongside Brad Pitt. She is also well known for roles in In the Fade and Inglorious Basterds, which Foxy Bingo details also starred Brad Pitt. She has also been a global ambassador for L’Oréal and was once the face of a Calvin Klein fragrance, namely Beauty. Additionally, she has appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.

So, what tips does this inspirational 44-year-old have that you can follow at home? Plenty, as we explore below.


One thing everyone can do is control their sleeping patterns, and Diane is keen to expel the virtues of getting a good night’s sleep. In fact, she claims that she needs nine hours of sleep to be at her best, and claims a day off every now and again is also good for your personal wellbeing.


Lady sleeping with pillow over her head

Photo credit: Isabella and Zsa Fischer 

I do the best, truly, when I get enough sleep,” she told Coveteur. “I don’t know why, but I’m really not good on no sleep. A lot of people are not, but if I truly don’t get nine hours, I’m not good. I feel best when I feel rested and also when I feel like I have enough time for myself to do the things that I love doing that are not work. I love work, but I need a day every now and then.”


Controlling your diet can be trying and frustrating, but Diane has some very simple advice for anyone struggling with what to eat, and where to get their meals from.


Healthy food bowls

Photo credit: Eiliv Sonas Aceron


I just try to be really healthy without going crazy,” she is reported as saying by Well and Good. “I don’t believe in all those juicing [crazes]. I believe I should be able to eat everything I love in moderation, and I kind of do. Eat organic, cook for yourself. I feel like when you make food for yourself, there’s sort of a satisfactory thing about making good food that’s actually good for you. Don’t deprive yourself of anything, but eat in moderation.”


We all have a gym close by and often, a membership that barely gets used. Diane used to be the same, at the age of 18 she never bothered with the gym, but after gaining weight for a movie, she struggled to work it off after filming finished, and that led her to the gym, something she now takes great solace in.


Woman exercising

Photo credit: Logan Weaver

I’ve been the same weight my entire life, and it wouldn’t come off, so I started going to the gym. I guess it’s coming from ballet, I have a very competitive thing in me and I got really into it and I love it. Now I go four or five times a week—I do Pilates, I do Xtend Barre. I just love it, and it makes me feel strong, and I feel confident.”


As mentioned in The Violet Files, during red carpet events and press junkets, where, unlike many of her counterparts, Kruger acts as her own makeup artist and stylist. “I was always surrounded by great makeup artists when I was modeling and learned a lot from them,” she demurs. “I try to not overdo it and let the dress do all the talking. Diane admittedly is very picky about her blond hair, especially on the red carpet. She says her hair is “naturally terrible”.  Maybe she needs to give our super hydrating, clean formulas a try!


Diane Kruger is one of the world’s most beautiful women, coveted by big fashion brands and admired by cinema goers around the world, but her self-care routine is very basic and achievable. You might not land a role next to Brad Pitt by following her tips, but you will find a path to a better version of yourself, which is exactly what we want to help you achieve.

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