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Summer Hair Health

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Summer has officially arrived, and everyone is eager to be outside by the pool or at the beach. The team at MASAMI is no exception. After spending the last year in COVID-19 quarantine, a chance to soak up some fun and sun is a real blessing.

While many of us are aware of the potential effects of sun exposure on our skin, our hair is also vulnerable to sun damage. Too much sun can dry out hair follicles, resulting in frizzy and unmanageable hair. 

Here’s how it works: 

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun damages the outermost layers of the hair strand, called the cuticle. The cuticle usually protects the hair strand, but sun damage can cause cracks and breaks that weaken this layer and make your hair more vulnerable. Sun damage to the hair cuticle can make formerly shiny and bouncy hair look dull and worn out. 

As the inside of the hair strand is exposed, the heat from the sun can cause the hair to lose moisture. This can make your hair dry and brittle and could be the reason you’ve been noticing more split-ends lately. Parched hair also absorbs moisture from the humid summer air, potentially making your hair look frizzy.

The team at MASAMI is committed to preserving your hair health. Here’s how our products can help you maintain silky smooth hair, even through the sun-bathing season.

MASAMI Shampoo is a must-have for your summer haircare collection. The coconut oil in the formula has a natural SPF of 10, which can help protect your hair cuticle from harmful UV radiation, minimizing sun damage from the get-go. 


MASAMI Mekabu Shampoo with coconut oil UV protection 

MASAMI Mekabu Shampoo with coconut oil UV protection 

For those who like to create a beachy waves hairstyle sans the sand and salt air, the MASAMI Shine Serum provides excellent thermal protection from the damaging heat styling tools like curling and flat irons.

Girl with brown wavy hair holding MASAMI Mekabu Shine Serum

MASAMI Shine Serum for thermal protection

All MASAMI haircare products are infused with Mekabu seaweed, a super hydrating ingredient harvested from the oceans in northeast Japan. Mekabu is absorbed by your hair and replaces the nutrients and moisture that are lost from hours in the sun. Mekabu is the miracle ingredient that leaves you with healthy and glossy hair.

Mekabu seaweed infused in MASAMI haircare formulas 

Mekabu seaweed - the super hydrating ingredient in MASAMI haircare 

These products are meant to seamlessly fit into your summer hair care routine, providing you with a simple path to naturally beautiful hair. 

We’d be remiss without mentioning that for the ultimate protection, you should add a barrier between your hair and the hot sun. Throw on a cute brimmed straw hat or wrap your locks in a colorful scarf to protect your hair and even scalp from the potential of getting sunburnt.

Girl wearing a straw hat with toes in a pool
Girl wearing a straw hat with her toes in the pool. 


Happy swimming!

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