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Thanks to MASAMI’s clean Mekabu infused formulations, every one of our haircare products has won a beauty award.
MASAMI works on virtually every hair type and texture to give your hair massive levels of 
botanical hydration without weighing it down.

Our conscious beauty commitment

We are always striving to do more to embrace a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.
We not only constantly evaluate the products we're putting out in the world, but our supply chain, our operations, our impact and more.

Our Story

Our story began with the belief that you don't need to trade off clean beauty for haircare that performs for every hair type. We found our answer from the rich seas of northeastern Japan, where a small, miraculous ocean botanical known as Mekabu has been harvested for centuries by Japanese farmers for its health-giving properties.
This marine miracle inspired MASAMI for its ability to deliver weightless hydration -- for your best hair.

For the ultimate in botanically hydrated hair.

MASAMI: “Truly Beautiful”. Hydration Is Life.

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