Masami Institute
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 MASAMI, or “truly beautiful” is a reflection of our commitment to bring you the best, most efficacious haircare products and dedication to protecting the natural habitats from which we harvest Mekabu. Our team at The MASAMI INSTITUTE in the Iwate Prefecture of Northeast Japan works with the local fisherman and coastline preservation groups to research, monitor, and document each season’s growth. Our goal is ultimately to preserve and restore the fragile ocean ecosystem, and to educate the world about the importance of maintaining balance in our world.

Masahiro Sasaki, Chairman of The MASAMI INSTITUTE, works closely with Mr. Kazuya Yoshino, Managing Director of The MASAMI INSTITUTE, who moved from Tokyo to Otsuchi in 2011 to help with earthquake and tsunami recovery efforts by starting The Otsuchi Recovery Sashiko Project to provide women who had lost their homes and workplaces in the disaster with work and a place to feel they belong. He has been championing the restoration of the ocean and botanicals through education and documentation.

MASAMI believes that all businesses should have a responsibility to replenish what we take from the environment -- and to especially not leave a negative impact. We are committed to continue to improve our sustainability practices and find ways to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible.

These include:

On our refill pouches, you may have noticed our Reduced Plastic & Reduced Carbon Impact seals. We are a proud member of IMPACT COLLECTIVE, a group of forward-thinking brands committed to taking immediate and positive action to neutralize our plastic footprint. Together we are empowered to be responsible stewards of our planet while providing our customers with the same high-quality products. By participating in certified plastic and carbon projects, MASAMI has taken another step in our commitment to sustainability. 

We are also Green Business Bureau platinum certified. Green Business Bureau helps companies look at their sustainability efforts holistically and make incremental changes to consistently improve.

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