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Interactive Storytelling

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The art of storytelling has stood the test of time. Although technology has evolved over the years, the fundamentals of telling a story has remained the same. From the stories told around the fire to stories now told on social media, the concept hasn't changed. These days, interactive storytelling is imperative for any brand, especially a new one that needs to bring consumers along on a journey. It’s not enough anymore just to make a great product and put it on the market. There is so much competition in just about every category that beyond your point of difference, a compelling brand needs to be able to articulate their brand values, reason for being and founder story as well as product performance.

MASAMI launched in February 2020 at New York Fashion Week, but our ability to do live events was quickly shut down. We needed to find other ways to tell our story and reach new customers. Luckily for us, there have been a number of startups focused on doing just that. From social selling to livestreaming, they all have a slightly different take on how to enable a brand to connect with their consumers in a more engaging way. We have jumped right in and have been active users on several platforms including TalkShopLive, Shop LIT Live, Spin Live, ShopShops, Amazon Live and recently, Amperstand.


MASAMI on Shop LIT Live livestream app

MASAMI on Shop LIT Live livestreaming app


The benefit of these platforms is that we get an unlimited amount of time to share whatever we want to talk about regarding our brand. James, our co-founder (and the guy behind the formulas) likes to talk about Mekabu, our hero Japanese ocean botanical and why it’s so great for hydrating hair. He often even does a “demo” of Mekabu acting like a sponge. Now with New York City opening up again, James will be able to host shows at one of our salon partners, Spoke & Weal or DreamDry. He’ll be able to demonstrate how our shine serum and styling cream are used on a model’s hair IRL


James Hammett sharing the MASAMI story on livestream

James Hammett sharing the MASAMI story on livestream


The beauty of these livestreaming platforms is that people can also ask questions in real time, making it a much more interactive experience. And we almost always have unique deals on each platform, sometimes with other like-minded brands. For example, we did a giveaway and gift with purchase with Basic Extra, a hair accessories brand, on TalkShopLive, an always live social-shopping network with your favorite brands, artists, celebrities and useful products.


TalkShopLive, MASAMI and Basic Extra Gift with Purchase

MASAMI and Basic Extra Gift with Purchase Promotion on TalkShopLive


If you’re curious, just download some of the apps and check it out for yourself. You’re sure to discover some new brands to love, like Hungry MonkeyRomer Skincare and KawaiiTail sustainable, handmade kimono silk scrunchies.

Follow us on IG and Facebook @lovemasamihair to find out when James will be going live on each platform. And be sure to say hi to him while you’re watching.

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