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Colored Eyewear: The Freshest Trend for Summer

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Summer is all about brightness and vibrance. The same goes for its color trends in fashion. Ecolorworld explains collections seem to gravitate toward colors like turquoise or orange during the season, and 2023 is no exception when it comes to saturated shades.

The color of your accessories is hugely important when putting together an ensemble, and that doesn't just mean clothing. Your hair color is just as important, and your outfit choice might be dictated by what color you choose your hair to be. Indeed, to complete a look, from head to toe, colored eyewear is a great way to bring a pop of color into your wardrobe. When you take into account hair color, skin tone, clothing color and accessories, you can create the perfect look.

Particularly, colored eyewear is a big consideration, especially when it comes to matching hair color. Those frames will be close to your hair, making your choice pertinent to the entire outfit. Here are some hot trends in colored eyewear to watch out for this summer:

Tinted lenses

Though colored frames have always been a popular way to add color to your eyewear, tinted lenses are also becoming more trendy for making a statement. They’re great if you don’t want to stick to dark shades or your regular transparent lenses, giving you a chance to spice up any look. Eyebuydirect has caught onto this trend with their “summer color crush” — featuring can’t-look-away shades. Aside from offering frames in crystal red, emerald green, and clear purple floral, Eyebuydirect recommends customizing lenses with a splash of color. You can customize your sun lenses and choose a color tint with any frame you like. Plus, you can get UV protection or prescriptions with tinted lenses to comfortably protect your eyes and enhance your vision while upping the fun with your eyewear this summer.

Barbiecore pink shades

Summer colors are all about bright and vibrant hues, and there’s no better or more appropriate way to incorporate them into your outfits than with Barbiecore pink eyewear. With the Barbie film set to release in July 2023, the titular dolls and their impeccable style are once again on the fashion industry’s radar. Barbiecore has become a hot trend, and it’s apparent in the use of the signature hot pink color of the Barbie doll brand. Many of the cutest Barbiecore looks feature head-to-toe monochromatic hot pink outfits. However, if that’s too bold a move for you, rocking the Barbie color on your eyewear is a subtle yet impactful nod to the aesthetic. To rock the Barbiecore vibe for the summer, take a page from Lizzo’s lookbook and pair chunky, hot pink shades with a matching swimsuit perfect for the beach.

Transparent frames

Lenses aren’t the only part of your eyewear that can be transparent. Translucent frames are a great way to add fun to your glasses or shades. They can be in simple hues like white or neon colors as bright as the summer sun. These vibrant frames can also match the tint of the lenses, giving you a funky monochromatic look that you can add to any outfit for a pop of color. You can easily find a pair on places like Amazon, which has a three-piece set of transparent sunnies in different colors, so you can mix and match them to coordinate with your look.

Oversized '70s-inspired colored eyewear

The style of the 1970s is making its way back into the trend cycle, especially after the release of the much-awaited Daisy Jones & The Six series adapted from the book of the same name. Think denim, crocheted pieces, and jumpsuits — with ‘70s eyewear as another way to rock the aesthetic. The eyewear trends skew towards the oversized and chunky, with colored frames and lenses in warm and earthy tones. Classic tortoiseshell patterns are also popular and timeless. Brands like Prada, Miu Miu, Celine, and more have variations on the big, thick, tortoiseshell eyewear trends, which you can consider or take inspiration from for a warm ‘70s flair if you aren’t too into the typical summer neon. You can also take a page out of Zara Tindall’s look with her tortoiseshell sunglasses from illesteva, which saw plenty of use during the British royal family’s Jubilee pageant and the Epsom Derby.

Summertime is the perfect season to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Whether you just want bold touch to your outfit or finish your signature look with a striking, memorable accessory, a pair of colored sunnies might just be what you need.

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