Winter Skin & Hair Tips

Winter Skin & Hair Tips

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Did you know that during winter, our skin and hair tend to lose moisture? That's because cold air doesn't have as much humidity, so cold air outside and central heat inside can leave skin and hair dry and brittle. Dry skin is more prone to irritation and dry hair can break easier.

Here are 5 ways to keep your skin and hair healthy, happy and hydrated during the cold months.

1) Avoid Hot Showers. 

While it seems counterintuitive, avoid long hot showers which can upset your skin and scalp's natural balance. Over-washing can dry out skin and hot water can deplete skin and hair of necessary oils to stay hydrated. Most people can get away with washing your hair less frequently in winter, once or twice a week is really all you need. 

2) Use hydrating beauty products.

MASAMI was formulated to be botanically hydrating for all hair types and textures so it's a great product for winter. We also recommend conscious beauty skincare products like H. Honeycup's Body Oil, SIMPURE's face cleanser, Buffalo Gal's Super Hydrate Serum and Avoila's Avocado Nourishing Facial Oil. All of these products will help your skin retain the moisture it needs without any harmful ingredients.

Kristy from Avoila says, "If your skin is feeling extra dry in the winter, be sure to use a face oil like Avoila that not only hydrates but also seals in moisture. And, consider switching up your cleanser to an oil based balm or liquid cleanser. This will add another layer of moisture rather than stripping your skin of moisture."

An added bonus: Use code CBC15 on all of their sites for 15% off.

3) Avoid irritants that can exacerbate dry skin.

Most mass market skincare and haircare products still contain ingredients that can irritate your skin and cause redness, allergies and more. In fact, over 90% of haircare products in the U.S. still have toxic ingredients. Avoid products with sulfates, phthalates and look for skincare products without retinols or salicylic acid, as these ingredients will be even harsher on dry skin. Plus, it's a great reason to switch co to clean formulas and detox your beauty routine.

4) Protect yourself from the elements.

You can still get sunburn in the winter, so make sure you use sunscreen

Depending on where you live, winter can be dry and cold or humid and rainy. But, everyday sun care makes sense no matter where you live. Choosing a hydrating mineral face sunscreen is one of the best defenses against early aging skin. OLITA's new weightless face creams with SPF33 are coming in early 2023. Choose between tinted or no tint to keep you face both hydrated and protected. 


Also make sure you have warm gloves -- your hands can suffer from dryness too. Don't forget a good lip balm in the winter like Ouli's Ointment All-in-one Balm (also good for any extra dry area like elbows or hands)

Use code CBC15 for 15% off OLITA and Ouli's Ointment.

5) Get a humidifier.

This is an easy way to make sure your indoor environment is at least not contributing to your dry hair and skin. Plus, it can help if you have sinus issues as well. There are lots of good options for less than $100, so you don't need to break the bank.

Hope these tips help you keep your glowing skin and shiny hair this winter. If you have winter hair and skin tips, please share.

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