Multi-tasking Products We Love

Multi-tasking Products We Love

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We're all about multi-tasking products these days. First, because who has time for crazy long beauty routines? One study showed that the average woman spends about 40 minutes every day on her beauty routine which involves 27 steps! We all like to feel beautiful, but that's a lot of time.

But also, if we're really going to try to live a more sustainable lifestyle, then cutting down on the number of products we're using is a smart way to do that. There are so many amazing products that do more, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites.

And of course, MASAMI is all about simplicity at our core. You just need ONE amazing shampoo and conditioner that works for virtually every hair type and solves the main hair issue -- hydration! Our styling cream and shine serum are designed to help you finish your look by taming frizz, adding shine and making you look like you just left a salon. All with just a few products and a short and simple routine.

So here are some products that are truly multi-tasking (and not just clean but conscious of course). Let's hope you can work some of these into your beauty routine -- and ideally, replace 2 or 3 others and detox your routine in the process (that's another blog which you can read here).


We got a chance to chat with Carly from Cleo+Coco about this topic. You can watch the video here but we will also give you the highlights.

"We know a lot of people who have a whole hour routine in the morning, but for busy parents or people who just have a busy life in general, having an easy 30 or 15 minute routine is easier," says Carly. Yes! We agree.

Carly explains, "Our dry shampoo and body powder is great for your whole body. Your hair oils are absorbed immediately. It's talc free. It's made with all natural ingredients that your body will love and they are good for the earth too as there's no waste. It's a non aerosol container that you can use all over your body from head to toe."

So, basically, she's saying that this ONE product is a Dry Shampoo, a Body Powder, a Powder you can put in your shoes and it takes all of two minutes to use! We're sold.

Use code MULTI15 for 15% off at Cleo+Coco.

Hear Me Raw

Next up are the Hear Me Raw multi-tasking face masks. We love these too because not only are they more intensive "masks" that can help rebalance and reset your skin, but each one of them is designed to do more. I'm going to talk about the Brightener (my personal favorite) as it is a mask that doubles as a cleanser. You can use it instead of your cleanser or as I do, replace your cleanser once a week for a deeper clean. The best part, it's not an extra step in your routine, but it does more. All without toxic ingredients.

Use code MULTI25 for 25% off at Hear Me Raw.

Natural Radiant Life

Natural Radiant Life is another beauty find that's high performing and time saving. Their Clay Cleansing Bar is great for your whole body -- face and hair included. In fact, you can even use it as a shaving cream. It's their best seller so we're not the only ones who have figured this out. This one seems like you might need to hide it in the shower from your husband though. . .

Use code WELCOME10 for 10% off at Natural Radiant Life.

Ouli's Ointment

Last up (at least for this blog!) we have Ouli's Ointment, an all-in-one balm made from olive oil in the Greek Isles (Zakynthos) where the founder, Stephanie's family is from. This balm can be literally used on your entire body -- elbows, lips, face, toes, etc, but I also got very excited to learn that you can also use it on your dog. Their paws love this balm and because it's all natural, you don't have to worry about them ingesting anything bad. Now that's multi-tasking!

Use code CBCMULTI for 15% off at Ouli's Ointment.

We hope you find some inspiration on how to simplify your routine with products that truly deliver. As Carly sums it up, it's all about "making clean products that are easy to use." Life is complicated enough, your beauty routine shouldn't be.

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