10 Wellness Tips for a Meaningful Life

10 Wellness Tips for a Meaningful Life

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Whether we talk about physical, emotional, social, or intellectual wellness, our daily decisions influence our general state of being. Today I want to share with you 10 of my easy to follow tips to increase your general wellness and that each one of us can practice on a daily basis to thrive. 

    1. Self-kindness

    We tend to judge ourselves harder than anyone else. By focusing on our mistakes and on the things that we were not able to achieve, we stop evolving. The alternative is being kind to ourselves. It can boost self-esteem, which in turn will improve our social relationships and experiences. And the easiest way to do this is by rewarding yourself with something you enjoy when reaching your goals.

    2. Daily fresh start

    The way we start our day can influence the rest of it significantly. Waking up at first alarm and deactivating the snooze button is the first thing we should start with, as snooze bottom only makes us feel more tired. A glass of water on empty stomach will give us the extra energy boost to start the day. And making the bed is the perfect way to accomplish the first task and to motivate us for the next ones.

    3. Workout

    By workout, I mean both physical and mental exercising.
    Moving our bodies can improve our physical wellbeing, reduce risk of disease, and lower stress levels. The minimum recommended level of physical activity is 150 minutes per week. But our minds need some stretching too. Whether we talk about meditation, puzzles, memory exercises or reading a book, our minds need to be put to work. Our attention, focus, memory, and creativity depend on this.


    4. Mindful and healthy eating

    What goes into our bodies is extremely important as it can influence not only our weight, but also our sleep, energy levels, metabolism, etc. Even our skin reflects the quality of the food we eat. The best way to start is by cleaning and organizing our kitchen. Getting rid of the unhealthy and processed foods, while making space for more fresh fruits and vegetables is the next and most important step. Lastly, mindful eating is also extremely important, as paying attention to textures, aromas, and flavors of food leads to greater psychological

    5. Socialize

    The social relations we have are extremely important for our wellbeing. Our relationships can offer support during difficult times. Our friends can help us live a happy and fulfilling life. Volunteering or giving something to community can increase our mental wellbeing by improving our self-confidence and increasing the dopamine levels in our brains. However, you should pay attention to how much of your daily socializing using social media and technology as an intermediary. Our screens cannot replace face-to-face socialization if you want to have a healthy social wellbeing because too often they lack the strength and authenticity of emotional connection.

    6. Laugh

    Laughter is the “magic” medicine of our world. Whether you want to relax, release tension and stress, increase your general wellbeing, burn some calories, feel more positive and less angry, see things from a new perspective, improve the quality of your relationships, or simply improve your mood, laughter is your answer. It helps us stay physically, mentally, and socially healthy.

    7. Write it down

    Writing down each day one short sentence about something that we are grateful for or that makes us happy can have a meaningful impact on all aspects of our wellbeing. There is an online challenge called “100 happy days”. The idea behind is simple: each day, for 100 days, you should find something small that makes you happy and write it down. People doing the challenge reported being happier, having a better mood every day, receiving, and giving more compliments, and becoming more optimistic.

    8. Routines

    Having our lives organized in small achievable tasks can make us have a more positive and productive attitude. To create an effective routine, the most important thing is to start small. By trying to accomplish too many tasks at once, we will soon feel overwhelmed and tired. Morning and evenings routines are the easiest to build and they can include activities like skincare, reading, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, stretching our bodies for a few minutes, etc.

    9. Nature

    Nature connectedness is associated with positive emotions, creativity, and happiness. When we are surrounded by vegetation, we feel more energized, relaxed, focused, and in touch with the present and with ourselves. Nature has the capacity to soothe, heal, restore, and connect. Whether we are talking about a park or simply the windowsill pots from our home, all have the same therapeutic effect on our general wellbeing.

    10. Sleep

    A good sleep is vital for our physical and mental wellbeing. As adults, we should sleep between 7 and 9 hours per night. Too much or too less sleep can affect our emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and body sensations. For a good night sleep, we should avoid eating two hours before going to bed and watching any screen at least 30 minutes before turning the lights off. By practicing those 10 healthy habits on a daily basis we can achieve a great general wellness, not only physically, but also mentally and socially. Instead of surviving in this world, we will thrive and reach the best version of ourselves. Are there any other wellness
    tips you follow regularly? Please share them in the comments below. I would love to hear your opinion.


    About the author
    Cosmina Manea is a wellness blogger with a focus on beauty, lifestyle, and healthy eating. Previously she worked as a teacher and an urban consultant, until she decided to follow her passions and get a healthier lifestyle. She writes from her own experience and enjoys sharing her stories with the world.
    Link to blog: https://cosminamanea.com

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