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Mixing Products to get More

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When we buy products, most of us just think of using them "as directed" -- the way the label tells us. But sometimes if you mix products in an unexpected and new way, you can create new uses and new opportunities. This is certainly the case in beauty. You can experiment and sometimes, get even more out of your products.

Take MASAMI's products for example.

MASAMI Styling Cream + Madame Lemy Powder (use on your roots as a dry shampoo) + May11 Hair Oil = Motorcycle Hair

MASAMI Conditioner + Kalme Co Liquid Gold = Overnight Hair Treatment to leave hair soft and silky. Top it off with a d'hair hair turban and you'll protect your pillowcases from getting covered with product.

There are lots of other examples of how to do this with many of the clean beauty brands from the Conscious Beauty Collective:

Mix a few drops of Love, Indus Amrutini True Brew Serum with HEAR ME RAW Hydrator for a moisturizer that leaves skin dewy

Mix OLITA tinted mineral sunscreen with Soteri Skin Gimme More and get a moisturizer that can double as a foundation with SPF.

Add a few drops of Natural Radiant Life's lavender body serum to H2No!'s Lavender Rush Waterless Shave Gel and get a silky body lotion.

We also love layering lip products -- like Vermouth's lip crayons with Yany Beauty's lip gloss. You get a solid base and shimmery finish that will last for hours.

One watchout -- some ingredients don't mix well. Don't try this with retinol or retinoid products. And be careful of mixing ingredients with the same active ingredient as it could "double up" and create irritation.

What are your favorite combinations?

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