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After a few years of COVID-19 related restrictions, business travel is back in full force! I witnessed it first-hand from a very crowded eTail West, an eCommerce and omnichannel retail conference that I attended over four days last week in Palm Springs, CA. It was very inspiring to listen to the expert advice from the panels of industry leaders (including our Co-Founder and CEO Lynn Power) and to learn more about the new innovations that will help our businesses grow. And, more importantly, to finally be able to meet fabulous people and network in-person again.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, I’m thrilled to be back at it to help quench my insatiable wanderlust. After backpacking through Europe after college, doing a short stint as a Midway Airlines flight attendant, working as a United Airlines marketing manager and while living in Eastern Europe for 5 years, I’ve been fortunate to visit over 40 countries and consider myself a travel connoisseur. I often share my various travel tips and experiences with family and friends so they can best enjoy these destinations too. I divulge everything from my favorite guide books (hands down Rick Steves), to incredible free walking tours (SANDEMANs New Europe), to quirky adventures (like hopping on a slow bus in Malta with the locals), to how to pack efficiently to save luggage space (the roll method).


Picture of four Mono carry on suitcases

Mono suitcases packed and ready for Peru


I prefer to squeeze everything in a carry-on bag to avoid the baggage claim carousel chaos or even worse, the black hole of lost luggage. My chosen one is from Monos, a Canadian brand billed as the Apple of suitcases that I discovered a few years ago. It's so loved that I bought three more for my husband and kids. And then convinced my sister to buy five for her family as well. I guess I'm a "suitcase influencer".


Conscious Beauty Collective Travel Essentials


Always packed in my carry-on is a Travel Essentials kit from the Conscious Beauty Collective, a group of 30+ indie beauty & wellness brands that are coming together to create retail and virtual experiences. The kit includes all my necessary shower products: Pharmacopia cleansing bar, MASAMI premium shampoo & conditioner, H. Honeycup lotion stick, OLITA SPF lip balm, Hear Me Raw wash-off face mask and Cris's Blends natural deodorant. All formulated with clean, non-toxic, good-for-you ingredients that are also vegan and cruelty free. 

Other self-care essentials that I never leave home without are my Tweezerman Travel Tools packed in my COSMO drawstring cosmetic bag from Lay-n-Go. Perfect for beauty on the go. 

If your upcoming travel plans include flying the friendly skies to your next business destination or to a much needed Spring Break in the sun, don’t forget to take your must-have essentials in travel size. Your carry-on bag and the TSA will be happy that you did!

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