Clean Beauty vs. Conscious Beauty

Clean Beauty vs. Conscious Beauty

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There are a lot of beauty labels out there these days -- clean beauty, conscious beauty, green beauty, blue beauty, kbeauty, jbeauty and more! It can be super confusing to understand the nuances and of course, it doesn't help that there's no uniform definition of any of them.

We got a couple of founders from the Conscious Beauty Collective together to talk about the difference between clean beauty and conscious beauty. You can watch the full interview here.

Plus, we have some resources that might help you dig deeper.

Bridget May from Green Bee Botanicals says, "Clean Beauty is all about the formulations. It requires testing. We test all of our products for pesticides and heavy metals to insure our products are as clean as they can be and no hidden contamination. It's about the ingredients you use. No phthalates, no parabens. But conscious beauty is way bigger."

Kim Howard, Bridget's co-founder from Green Bee Botanicals adds, "Conscious Beauty means sustainability, plastic free, recyclable, how you're sourcing. It really goes deep. It's why we put a QR code on our packaging so people can scan the QR code and go right to the test results. Some brands are greenwashing, saying they are clean and green but not giving proof. We give the proof. And It's not only what you put into your products, it's what you don't put into your products."

Elizabeth Koshy from Empress Naturals says, "You need to mention the ingredients. So many products will highlight 3 plant based ingredients and the rest are chemicals. Read the ingredients and go with products where the majority of the products you can identify with."

Looking for certification helps, but as Elizabeth points out, getting USDA certification costs about twice as much. "You have to disclose ALL of the ingredients."

As Kim says, "It's expensive. It takes a long time to go through. You have to get every one of your manufacturer sources to prove that their ingredients are cruelty fee and vegan. It's quite a path to get there but it's worth it."

So if you're interested in learning more about conscious beauty, you can check out these resources:

Toxic Beauty Documentary

Pretty Toxic Documentary

Clean Label Project

And if you're ready to jump in and detox your beauty routine, you can also get discounts on Green Bee's Skincare and Empress Naturals' face oils.

Use code CBC30 for 30% off both Green Bee Botanical's hemp line and Empress Naturals organic oils.

Remember that it's not just about being clean, it's about being conscious.

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