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Travel like Naomi

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I remember the day this very important video dropped in July 2019. Everyone laughed and laughed at Naomi Campbell's pre-flight rituals, but not I. I knew. While I've always had a few unconventional travel tricks up my hoodie sleeve (read on for my secrets), Naomi gave me the confidence I needed to step up my stay healthy while traveling game. If you're not familiar with the very important video, please take a moment to catch up. 

Naomi Campbell Pre-flight Rituals

"I love being everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time," whispers Naomi. Girl, me too but not really because I'm likely just living life on Spirit airlines en route to a budget MIA vaca at my sister's condo/Soho House as her +1. It's not that deep for me, I'm no supermodel, but for Naomi and many others (my spouse!), their livelihoods depend on frequent travel. Below is a summary of what we learned from Naomi and some helpful and especially relevant (COVID-19 avoidance is top of mind) travel advice from friends of MASAMI.

Miami Airplane Photo with Palm Trees

What we can learn from Naomi

"No matter what plane you take, private or commercial, as the plane descends, people start coughing and sneezing," she says. "And the coughing and sneezing makes me – I just can't...". None of us can, it's vile, which is why Naomi's wipe everything down pre-flight ritual is key. Whilst wearing gloves, natch, Campbell wipes down every visible surface of her seating area. 

I do the same, especially when I'm traveling with my kids. I know enough to keep my hands out of the nasty gaps between the seats, but kids are gonna kid, so I keep the wipes near. I'm not trying to murder the planet, so I buy a large container of compostable anti-bacterial wipes for my home and then fill a reusable baggie to use while traveling by plane, train, subway, bus, or rideshare instead of buying a new pack every time. Oh, and of course I keep a stash in my hotel room.

NYC Hotel Photo

Naomi has a fully stocked travel kit that includes face masks, gloves, a seat cover in her happy colors, and hydration products (see hydration is everything). Inspired by Naomi, I made my own. 

My travel kit includes:

  • The aforementioned wipes for obvious reasons
  • Hair serum - I have mega color-treated hair and flying dries it out, MASAMI solves the issue and smells great  
  • Hand cream - all that handwashing is drying, and L'occitane Shea Butter hand cream is a 10+ years favorite; my whole family loves it, I keep a tube in every bag I own so I am never without it
  • Lip mask, again, flying is drying, and hydration is everything. I don't like chapped lips and Laneige's lip sleeping mask in apple lime is another fam fave. 
  • Incense matches. I know this is a controversial item, but let me explain: while you cannot and should not light it up on an airplane (OBVI), sometimes you're stuck in a taxi with a farting driver, and you need relief. I light one of these bad boys up and immediately blow it out. Magically fragrant smoke billows out, and everyone is happy. Now that I think of it, I think this is also illegal, so do this at your discretion, but I will never be caught anywhere without these. You have no idea how many gross bus rides I've saved by having these with me. Judge away or get like me and live a better smelling life. 

Our friends recommend 

"Tomen Botanical tinctures have become a new favorite, especially Detox, Immunity, and Calm. They really, truly do what they say they'll do. Prima The Daily CBD capsules, EO hand sanitizer spray in Lavender.  Enmarie cuticle oil to battle all this dryness from washing my hands even more than before and using a lot of hand sanitizer. Also, her dry brush! Trying to do as much lymphatic drainage as possible to support my immune system." - Claire, editor at Beauty Independent

Prima CBD Products

Feeling good is part of being healthy, so I love these dope nail wraps and bring a travel-size apple cider vinegar everywhere I go. It can cure everything, even hair issues! Give it a try." - Rica, CEO of BeautyLynk

Oh, a portable toothbrush sanitizer for sure. Especially when I'm staying in hotels and Airbnbs. When I travel, I hate having to place my toothbrush in some random cup and then having to put it in my mouth the next day. Nope.  I also don't leave anywhere without a handheld trimmer, typically Gillette or Bevel. Sometimes my trips get extended, and you never know when you need an emergency beard shape up. - Emmanuel Kaska, Partner at 1863 ventures

Bevel Handheld Trimmer

What are your sanity saving travel must haves?

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