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New York Fashion Week 2020

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It's New York Fashion Week, a time of year when it's hard not to notice if you live in NYC. At MASAMI, we are especially proud to officially launch our brand at NY Fashion Week with two shows. MASAMI supplied the hair styling products for both shows, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Our products make your hair look and feel super hydrated, shiny, full of life, and should complement your style, in the same way, fashion does.

The first was for Josie Natori on Februry 6th -- her fall collection has been called "personal but sophisticated." We loved the infusion of east meets west style, very much in line with our philosophy for MASAMI -- simplicity and sophistication yet effortless.

MASAMI X Natori New York Fashion Week 2020

The second show was held on Feb 13 for Adalinda's sustainable fashion show on Broadway off Union Square. They showed four designers and their different expressions of sustainable fashion, which was inspiring. As reported in Glamour magazine, "About two-thirds of our worldwide clothing is made from forms of plastic such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic, and by just washing your clothes, you're leaking these plastic fibers into our oceans." We loved how they all solved the problem from different angles. One leveraged upcycled clothing, others leveraged sustainable materials and processes.

Adalinda Sustainable Fashion Show New York Fashion Week 2020

We believe that awareness of what we consume (in and on our bodies) is critical for progress to be made in combating climate change. We will be launching a refillable bottle soon, so look out for that! In the meantime, let's think about the choices we're making every day. Every little thing helps!

Hydration is Life!


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