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The Power of Scent

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Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Helen Keller once said, “Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived." Truer words were never spoken!

The inspiration behind MASAMI’s signature scent started far across the pond and decades ago when our co-founder James worked as a Press Officer at Harvey Nichols, a luxury department store in London. One of his weekly responsibilities was to pick out a floral arrangement at the Covent Garden flower market to display in their main public relations office, where the designers and press would congregate. He chose Casablanca Lilies, a white Oriental lily, for their spectacular beauty and rich fragrance, which would only intensify throughout the week as the first blossom opened until the last petal fell. He would take them home every Friday to enjoy their wonderfully sweet fragrance all weekend. Then, repeat the buying process again on Monday. 

This memory traveled with James throughout his life. When years later he decided to create a clean beauty haircare brand, he knew that the Casablanca Lily would be the perfect choice for the naturally derived fragrance. Thus, it is infused into each of our product formulas -- a clean, fresh scent that appeals to men and women.


Casablanca Lilies photo
Casablanca Lily bouquet


Choosing the right scent is an important step in a new brand’s development. According to Caroline Fabrigas the CEO of Scent Marketing Inc., "Scent is one of the most powerful factors in creating brand influence. It is the most effective way to inspire memory, engage emotions, enhance brand perception and contribute to loyal, long term client relationships.  A well crafted signature scent becomes the backdrop against which all else plays. It is the invisible influencer! When creating a brand’s signature scent we follow our exclusive scent design process. Our first step is to conduct a brand DNA analysis that allows us to decipher the brand’s core values into a Scent Scape which in turn provides the sensory cues needed to compose the ideal scent match with a brand’s ethos, philosophy and unique communication values."


Caroline Fabrigas photo
Caroline Fabrigas, CEO of Scent Marketing, Inc.


“Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance” - poet Christopher Poindexter

When Veronique Gabai created her namesake fragrance company, her signature scents were inspired by her childhood memories growing up in the French Riviera and Mediterranean. As she describes, “A childhood being nurtured, infused with the beauty of the place, the caress of the sun and the soothing strength of the sea. My creations are all inspired by the gorgeous places, the precious flowers and plants growing right there in the magical backyards of my childhood. Scents from the orange blossoms in my garden, the jasmine sold in the streets at night, the roses and the violets, the pine trees under which one would rub fingers with black resin, cracking open pine nut shells for an afternoon treat…”

Nature is at the core of the collection, as all perfumes are vegan and crafted around the most precious essential oils, all sourced ethically, for your pleasure and your well being. Her brand is “Sunshine for the Senses and for the Soul.”


Veronique Gabai photo
Veronique Gabai, Founder of Veronique Gabai Fragrance

Enjoy your own escape to the Côte d’Azur.

Veronique Gabai Noire de Mai is the signature scent of a black rose. It starts with fresh, humid drops of dew at dawn; it blooms at noon, full of color, and reveals an invitation to forbidden sensuality, with woods, moss and a touch of amber. The scent is long-lasting and memorable!


Veronique Gabai Noire de Mai fragrance

 Veronique Gabai Noire de Mai fragrance sample

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