Why to set up an e-commerce dropship store

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Dropshipping is a great solution for influencers and entrepreneurs looking to start a business, or even a side gig.  It’s a way to source a lot of different and unique products that are shipped out directly from the manufacturers.  And keep a constant stream of unique, fresh, on trend brands.  Most influencers focus their stores on a specific category or theme:  baby gear or party planning for example.

MASAMI is excited to be participating on Spocket, the largest dropshipping network in the world, connecting e-commerce entrepreneurs with brands.  If you have a passion for self-care, wellness, clean beauty or luxury experiences, you will find MASAMI’s clean haircare and more on Spocket to set up your e-commerce store.

Spocket allows entrepreneurs to create their own storefronts without having to buy or house inventory, but rather connecting to a brands’ Shopify store to ship products directly to consumers as they are sold. 

What does this mean? Influencers can offer MASAMI's clean premium haircare to their networks and share the love -- and get a commission on the products they sell, not to mention the amazing wonder of Mekabu, for botanically hydrated hair.  You can choose from thousands of brands on the Spocket platform and create custom experiences.

Here’s what some of the Spocket stores had to say:  

"This is one of the best apps that I've had the opportunity to use. It has helped me gain a lot of sales! :)"

-Emazeink Beauty Store

"Spocket has been amazing for me!! I started my store just a few days ago, and added a few products to test, everything seemed to transfer over smoothly so I actually gave spocket a real shot. First I picked a niche that i thought wouldn't be too saturated and I pushed a ton of products over from Spocket. Then I decided to spend around 30 dollars on facebook ads, I actually received my first sale from the traffic! I know it's not much yet and I still need another sale or two before i'll start profiting but I am loving the experience, Spocket is GREAT!!"


If you are an influencer or entrepreneur who is interested in building an e-commerce store with MASAMI, join Spocket here: With a few clicks of a button, you’ll be on your way to offering our super hydrating Mekabu premium products to your happy followers and earning some cash in your pocket.   

Happy dropshipping!  



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