The Consciously Beautiful Magazine

The Consciously Beautiful Magazine

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One of the best things about working with other beauty founders is the ability to share, learn and grow together. We are always finding new ways to support each other and grow our businesses, while growing the Conscious Beauty movement -- something we all believe strongly in. Our latest endeavor is Consciously Beautiful, a digital magazine from the Conscious Beauty Collective founders.

The magazine covers all kinds of topics to help education and inform about conscious living and conscious beauty, including: 

-Hormone Disruptors by Empress Naturals
-Declutter your Mind by Pharmacopia
-MOCRA changes by H. Honeycup
-What Beauty Founders do in their spare time by ADORAtherapy
-Story of d'hair by d'hair
-Power of Cinnamon by MY24/7
-Men's Skincare by Cardon
-The Art of Upcycling by Auvê Beauty
-The Community Spirit by Currnt
-Eco-friendly products we love by Reprise Activewear
-Winter skin by Sumbody
-Understanding your skin biome by Lunaescent
-Skin care for grownups by Caire Beauty
-Synergistic Skincare by Skin Feed Cosmetics

So take some time to explore how to improve your beauty routine, find out more about ingredients and even learn what beauty founders do in their spare time. If you have suggestions for topics to cover in our next issue, please comment below.

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