Why Mekabu?

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In the past 3 to 4 years, people have asked me, "why Mekabu?" “what is Mekabu?”. So, I thought I'd share the story of how I came across this wonder ocean botanical, which I'm confident to say, works miracles for the human body's inner and equally outer beauty. 

It started when I met my husband Masahiro, who is from Otsuchi, a small town in Northeastern Japan, on the Pacific Ocean. I would go with him to visit his family and was always so astounded with how healthy they were! His mother looks like she is 20 years younger than she is.

As a health-obsessed beauty maven, I felt obligated to discover what makes the Japanese lifestyle so unique. In other words: What can help me to keep up?

What’s more, when I mention: 'Japanese women hair,' a wonderful, "halo of sunshine" comes to everyone's mind.  I decided to determine the roots of their secret and to help women around the world to get hair comparable to the shiny and healthy hair of Japanese women. To distinguish the difference in the Japanese lifestyle wasn't difficult at all: They simply treat their bodies as natural as possible!

The Japanese follow a well-balanced diet mainly focused on consuming the most delicious ocean's seaweeds and botanicals. On top of that, they concurrently show awed respect for Mother Nature, which provides them with these spectacular gifts. Let me reveal the actual secret for you:

 ''More seaweed is eaten in Japan than anywhere else in the world''!

I was lucky enough to discover that Mekabu, which the turnip-looking part beneath the wakame seaweed and just above the root, is a staple of the Japanese diet. Mekabu, in all its slimy goodness, contains fucoidan, which is the gooey substance inside. It has been proved that fucoidan also activates hair matrix cells, and it has the effect of making the hair healthy, hydrated, shiny and beautiful. Mekabu acts like a sponge so when we put actual powder to hair products, it means you get botanically hydrated hair!

Thanks to the secret of consuming and using seaweeds like Mekabu in products for skin and hair care, Japanese women have shiny and soft hair that looks so thick, healthy and youthful until a very late age! In contrast with other women in the world, they have to wait a long until any troubles with hair find them!

Mekabu is also an excellent source of vitamin A, C, E and vitamin K, which assists the body in its blood-clotting mechanism. It is believed that Mekabu has significant benefits for maintaining healthy bones. Furthermore, Mekabu provides folates, a type of B vitamin used in cell division, and iodine, which is used by the body to produce thyroid hormones. 

So, my thought was that if Mekabu was obviously so healthy and produced such results, women around the world could benefit from it. Hence, my mission is to bring the Japanese powerful gift MEKABU for botanically hydrated hair daily regardless of hair type, ethnicity or age. I'm excited to have this opportunity to share Mekabu and other ingredients from the ocean gardens in the Sanriku region of Northeastern Japan, with you.

Hydration Is Life! 


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