Made in Japan with Love

Made in Japan with Love

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We love discovering other Japanese related brands, especially those founded by female entrepreneurs. Recently we partnered with Chrysmela, the world's most secure locking earring backs which are made in Japan. 

Chrysmela's brand mission is to let people have the freedom to feel beautiful and fabulous at all times — not hindered by worry of losing something valuable.

We had the pleasure to interview Mayumi Ishii, the US Chief of Chrysmela to learn why People Magazine hails the Chrysmela Catch as "The Most Genius Jewelry Invention Ever"!


Mayumi Ishii, the US Chief of Chrysmela

Mayumi Ishii, the US Chief of Chrysmela


Can you share the inspiration for your brand name?
Loosely translated into Greek, Chrysmela means gold and black. Chrysmela sits in the shadow of something shiny, beautiful. We act as the support to strengthen your sparkle, and inspire confidence. To me, this all comes together to mean fashion freedom.

Do you feel that making your product in Japan brings a different sensibility?
Definitely. Chrysmela is all about quality and trust. We take the utmost care in the high tech precision manufacturing of our products. Each earring’s micro ball bearing is triple tested for quality control by expert hands. Each Chrysmela comes in the box, with a gold foil stamp that says “Made in Japan with Love” and includes a unique serial number. We are serious about the quality and Japanese sensibility, because you (and your earrings) deserve only the best!


Chrysmela secure earring backs
Chrysmela secure locking earring backs


Chrysmela is made to last for many years with proper care. It’s a rare quality to find consumer products that are built that way. We recently met a few customers who have been using the same pair for over 8 years. Chrysmela was born in Japan 13 years ago. We may not sell our most secure earring backs like hot cakes, but we firmly believe in our products and it’s good for our business in the long run.

Being a "behind the scenes" brand, how do you stand out?
We’ve essentially created a brand new product category; a high-end, secure earring back. No bending metals or guessing if it will fit on your earring posts. We actually offer the widest range of compatibility - Chrysmela fits automatically all types of straight earring posts 0.6-1.1mm. Chrysmela is the only one that supports this wide range in the world, to our knowledge. Did you know earring posts may slightly differ in size, even on the same pair of earrings? So many of our customers have said, “how come I didn’t think of this!?” or “where has it been all my life?!” We may be “behind the scenes” but are happy to be noticed: Over 2,000 Amazon customers have given us thumbs up, with average 4.6 star ratings out of 5.


Chrysmela secure earring back instructions

What is your definition of modern luxury?
Modern luxury shouldn’t be fussy, or flashy. It’s about simple and elegant solutions. Often with the latest technology. It’s about finding the best quality in each item you buy and use, and putting an emphasis on quality over quantity. It's about not having to stress - whether that’s when deciding what to wear, or if your earrings will stay in your ears when skiing or swimming in the ocean. Modern luxury is about confidence.

How would you describe your personal style?

I LOVE fashion. I grew up in Tokyo, reading Vogue that my fashionable Mom subscribed to. My sister and I would answer the fashion questionnaire (the editorial had no clue we were about 12 years old) to win some nice top and lingerie. We were the first girls in town to don the jean jacket and mini skirt set Mom sewed from the Vogue pattern. But today, I am practical for everyday style. I put a major emphasis on feeling good, as well as looking good. I find comfort in luxurious materials. But I also want all my go to clothes to be packable and ready to travel.

Relax. Laugh if you cook, tackle with a perfectly steamed lobster and get some spots on your dress. Toss it for a quick wash. Have Fun.


Mayumi Ishii with a Chrysmela display

Mayumi Ishii with a Chrysmela display

Are you exploring any new technology you can share with us?
No new technology is needed! Our technology has been proven and trusted since 2008. But we love to expand our line of Earring Jackets powered by Chrysmela with our own designs and through partnerships. It’s a great way to expand your earring wardrobe - simply add our jackets to your stud earrings, and you create a new look in addition to the security and lift power of Chrysmela.

Do you have favorite earrings? Why?
My princess cut diamond studs, simply set in platinum. They were a birthday present from my husband. Made by our friend, a well known diamond dealer. He hand selected each stone to match each other and to me! Did you know diamonds are unique, even when classified under the same grade? Each stone has unique characteristics, and is individual, just like people!

What are some other female founded brands you love?
I admire so many female founders and fellow entrepreneurs, but to name a few:

Marie Gray. She is the fashion legend behind St. John Knits and Grayse, which she runs with her daughter, Kelly. I’m so proud to be her golfing buddy. 

Susan Hess. She is the founder/designer of Golftini

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  • THANK YOU for sharing our story! So wonderful to team up with like-minded, fellow entrepreneurs like Team Masami!

    Mayumi Ishii on

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