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Cerqular: Embracing The Circular Economy

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We recently interviewed David Friedrichs, the CEO and Co-Founder of Cerqular, a new marketplace that's all about sustainable brands. MASAMI is proud to be a part of it -- we love being connected with other like-minded brands. 

Why did you launch Cerqular? And why now?

If you’ve ever tried buying or selling anything sustainable, you’ll know just how difficult and time consuming it is. Try buying a full basket of goods – sustainably made – and you’ll give up as it’s virtually impossible. From searching where to shop, reviewing claims of sustainability, signing up to multiple accounts and then to the multiple separate checkouts – not to mention potential returns.

Cerqular – a spin on the circular economy – was created to make all things sustainable, ethical, recycled, upcycled, carbon neutral, natural and organic easily accessible all in one place for buyers and sellers. A trusted platform for sustainable buyers and likeminded sellers to connect.

  • 70+ verified brands – such as MASAMI haircare
  • 43k+ products
  • 400+ products added daily

This is just the beginning!


David Friedrichs, CEO and Co-Founder of Cerqular

David Friedrichs, CEO and Co-Founder of Cerqular


Do you see a difference between US consumers and those in other countries?

We’re all different and yet so alike. Everything we do has a direct or ripple effect on someone else whether we know them or not – i.e., the people who make the clothes we wear. However, the beautiful thing we get to experience each and every day is that people who choose sustainable are alike no matter where they’re from. The driver is usually one of improvement – for oneself, family, community, nature & wildlife, animals, and the environment.

Being a US company and proudly based in LA, CA we’re tremendously lucky with an abundance of sustainable and natural options with passionate buyers who shop with conviction. The US is a hub of sustainability, with options of manufacturing, packaging, shipping, selling as well as end of life solutions.

What are the most important things brands can be thinking about when it comes to sustainability?
Have a clear vision of where you see your brand in 5 to 10 years – then incorporate incremental steps to become more sustainable over time. Being 100% sustainable isn’t possible at present and attempting to be everything all at once can be overwhelming. Instead, an option may be to keep a running list of things to work on and tick them off as soon as feasibly possible is the best advice I can give. Most importantly, just start and let the journey guide you. Cerqular is here, not only to sell, but also to access tools and resources that every sustainable brand needs to launch and scale their business – all in one place.


Cerqular, playing a role in our planet's future

Cerqular, playing a role in our planet's future


Who is doing inventive work in the sustainability space?
For a complete list of brands innovating and giving us so much more value, check out Cerqular. From MASAMI’s use of Mekabu, KAPOK KNOT’s use of kapok fiber, Poppy Barley’s use of cactus leather to Brave Soles’ use of upcycled plane seat leather and tire inner tubes, we love each and every Cerqular-approved seller.

Aside from brands, we’re motivated seeing incredible progress coming from companies like Project Verte, ReCircled, Sendle, Noissue, Green Story and Upcycled Food Association just to name a few. Then, there are inspirational impact investors who make all this possible.


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