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The Happyly Effect

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It’s Women’s History Month, so we are highlighting women who are making history today (and tomorrow). 

Caitlin Iseler is the Founder of Happyly, which launched in 2018 to make it easier for parents to find things to do with their kids in their neighborhoods without spending a lot of time researching. The Happyly app encourages families to get off their screens and safely out into the world. Parents can discover personalized adventures and activities in under sixty-seconds allowing families to find new things to do and spend more time with the ones they love most. Happyly is now available in 30+ cities.


Playground recommendation on the Happyly app

Playground recommendation on the Happyly app


We talked to Caitlin about the challenges and rewards of the past year, trying to build a brand that has been directly affected by Covid. And while there have been many challenges, Caitlin felt that “patience” was the biggest. We can relate -- no one could have foreseen how long lockdown would last and how much we all couldn’t wait to get back to “normal”. But Caitlin, like us all, said she’s had to learn to slow down and enjoy the moments and process.

On the positive side, Caitlin has loved being able to work with people she adores and doing something that will make the world brighter for others. Believing deeply in Happyly’s mission and always remembering the “why” makes it easy to get up in the morning. She said she feels so blessed to work with other people that believe in a common purpose in the world who can make a difference together. As Caitlin says, “gratitude for each other is the most important way to be able to put good into the world.” This generosity of spirit is something we see often in many successful female founded brands and is one way that women continue to make a positive impact on the world.

Since Happyly is in the activity business, we couldn’t resist asking Caitlin what activity makes her happy. Her answer? Anything with my daughter (Hanah, age 5), exploring outside together rain or shine.


Caitlin Iseler, founder of Happyly with her daughter Hanah.

Caitlin Iseler, founder of Happyly, with her daughter Hanah


And finally, we asked her to pay it forward and shout out another female founded brand. She chose Gesche Haas from Dreamers & Doers -- an amazing human, so authentic and cares deeply about others! Dreamers & Doers catalyzes the success of womxn leaders and their ventures through exclusive press opportunities, resources and mutual support.

You can download the free Happyly app on the Apple Store or Google Play.


Happyly app

Happyly app

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