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Curiosity is a key part of the MASAMI brand. It was James' curiosity to investigate Mekabu that led to our breakthrough high performing, clean formulas. And it's our ongoing curiosity that is helping us innovate and find more sustainable solutions (like our refillable ceramic bottles).

We believe it's essential to maintain a healthy level of curiosity, especially as we age. In fact, Harvard Business School says curiosity is just as important as intelligence and is especially helpful in business. It's easy to fall back into expected patterns, but being able to see the world through fresh eyes is a gift that's worth embracing.  

Here are some of our favorite resources on how we stay curious:

1) Currnt: A knowledge creation platform that lets you share your expertise on virtually any topic -- so you can transcend the overwhelming amount of information we're all inundated with to understanding. Be part of a custom virtual panel of smart people creating intelligent outcomes. You'll love meeting the other "experts". Plus, it's free to join and you will always learn something from every engagement.

2) Lunchclub: Get to meet new people outside of your typical circle each week. It's free and the connections can lead to inspiration, revelation or who knows what else.

3) Cirkel: This is a great way platform to connect multi-generationally, find new perspectives and also provide your expertise and advice. We've loved meeting the GenZ entrepreneurs and learning more about TikTok and SnapChat.

4) Travel My Heart: Find inspiration near and far with You'll be amazed at just how many interesting and fun things there are to do not far from home. You'll be sure to be surprised (and delighted) with the suggestions.

5) Amphy: Easy online classes to learn anything, from plant propagation to poker. You can choose specific classes and aren't locked into a bigger subscription, so it's easy to experiment.

So embrace curiosity! Ask the "stupid questions". Learn a new skill. Make a new connection. You'll be glad you did.

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