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Hydration is Life

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Why is 'hydration' vital?

There are many things we would struggle to survive without. But, surprisingly, we still would be fine without friends, electricity, or the internet for quite a long time. Nevertheless, none of us would make it without water. The human body is made up of, on average, 60% of water, and the level of hydration determines the efficiency with which our organs work. A severely dehydrated human body is incapable of accomplishing even the simplest tasks. 

Your hair is not an exception – the level of hydration determines hair's health, quality, and appearance. The demand for natural active moisture and hydration in the hair has never been higher. However, the major problem is that many hair products on the market still contain chemicals that are financially friendly but might harm your hair considerably in the long-term. 

As a highly experienced beauty maven with 25+ years of experience, I must confirm that it's challenging to keep hair fibers sufficiently hydrated. Your hair is made mostly of a protein called 'keratin.' The process of keratinizing hair involves REMOVING ALL OF THE WATER CONTENT and everything else that makes the cells' alive'. It means that the hair can't hydrate itself naturally and needs our attentive care and constant maintenance. 

To moisturize and hydrate hair adequately, it is also crucial to improve hair elasticity, which helps prevent breakage and any further damage. It's vital to realize that your hair is individually sensitive and reacts negatively to anything inconvenient. If you expose your hair to sun, sea salts, swimming pools, tanning, or if you highlight/lowlight, color your hair or you straighten it with using heat activating styling tools, your hair might be already screaming for immediate HYDRATION!

MASAMI is infused with the NATURAL ACTIVE SUPERPOWER of Mekabu, from the Wakame and Kombu seaweeds that not only add tremendous moisture and nutrients to your hair but it also expeditiously locks the moisture into the hair and reacts like a sponge - absorbs where ever the follicle requires it the most. Our MASAMI products are designed to make your hair feel healthy, soft, and maintain its color. MASAMI relieves the pressure of worrying about hydration and manageability of your hair off your shoulders for good and with no delay! 

MASAMI is designed to meet the new growing demand for real, nutritive ingredients in hair products and is proud to give you well-nourished, botanically hydrated hair and to help you maintain the moisture further with our four products:

Furthermore, proper hydration, and moisturization also heal dryness of hair that more and more women tend to suffer from. Awareness around toxins in haircare is only now starting to become more widespread. Washing your hair with a shampoo that isn't right for you can damage your hair. Using products that contain phthalates, sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, or synthetic fragrances and preservatives can even trigger dryness!

The question then is: Is there any way to distinguish whether the shampoo will help your hair? Check the ingredients of the product before you consider using them. 

Want to check MASAMI's ingredients?  

Here's to Hydration! Hydration is Life!


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