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Ditch Your Toxic Haircare!

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The desire for Clean Beauty is rapidly growing, both in terms of new products being launched daily as well as consumer demand. Clean beauty is identified as safe, non-toxic beauty. It doesn’t necessarily need to be all-natural or organic. In essence, clean beauty means that you can use a product without risking your health. Clean beauty brands have eliminated any known toxins and carcinogens.

It seems obvious, right? But actually, most beauty and most haircare are not healthy. Harsh and potentially harmful ingredients are found in 90% of haircare sold in the U.S. today. Most of these brands are mass-produced brands that have been made that way for years. Yet, consumers are increasingly noticing and demanding change.

Cassandra McClure, a celebrity makeup artist and host of the Clean Beauty Podcast, has a passion and commitment to clean beauty. “Clean haircare is important to me for so many reasons. For one, our head is one of the most absorbent areas of the body so everything from shampoo, conditioner, treatments and styling products is so important to consider. We want to avoid health problems at all costs and consciously deciding to switch to clean haircare is an easy transition because we all run out of our hair products several times a year, which might not be the case for eyeshadow.

In the future all beauty will be clean, so we won’t need to worry about being so vigilant about selecting haircare, but in the meantime, try MASAMI. It’s one of my favorite professional clean haircare lines made with one of my new favorite ingredients: Mekabu!”

Cassandra McClure Clean Beauty Podcast

Cassandra McClure - Clean Beauty Artist & Podcaster


After 25+ years of working in the beauty industry, our co-founder James Hammett decided to use his knowledge, experience and talent to help models frustrated by the damage continuously done to their hair with no real solutions in sight. He had a mission to create a premium, clean haircare. Clean haircare that WORKS and is high performing, with immediate hydration results.

MASAMI is James' expression of his passion to help people of all hair types from frizzy, dry curls to oily, dyed and even thinning hair to have healthy and invincibly beautiful hair.

Over 10 years, James conceived, developed and perfected our major ocean botanical hydrating formulations, rich with Japanese Mekabu seaweed powder. It was important to him that the products be free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and synthetic fragrances, as well as color-safe, cruelty-free and 100% vegan. 

The European Union has banned more than 1,000 chemicals common in personal care products, the United States has banned just 11. Although our products are made in the United States, he followed the European Union’s more stringent formulation standards to deliver high-quality products with high-quality ingredients. The outcome is thick, luxurious and superior haircare. 

According to Erica Douglas, an award-winning cosmetic chemist, beauty industry expert and founder of Sister Scientist, “Over the last few decades, more information and research has been uncovered about a number of ingredients used in products that we use every day on our skin and in our hair. As a formulating chemist, I believe it is the beauty industry’s responsibility to be transparent with its consumers and prioritize finding clean alternatives for every category of beauty and personal care. Every consumer has the right to know what’s in their products, and even more so, the right to clean alternatives to fit their lifestyle and priorities.”

Erica Douglas Sister Scientist

 Erica Douglas - Sister Scientist


Clean haircare is vital and here to stay. And, if others follow our lead, toxic haircare -- and toxic beauty -- will be a thing of the past!



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