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We love collaborating with other female-founded indie beauty brands, especially ones that mirror our focus on clean formulas, use plant based ingredients, and are cruelty-free. Our newest partner, BalmLabs fits the bill and more! Their ClearBalm is a plant-powered, science-driven 3-step system for adult acne-prone skin that doesn’t rely on stripping chemicals like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Enjoy our conversation with Sarah Waldock, Co-Founder and CEO of BalmLabs, to find out how she created the first real innovation in solutions for adult acne-prone skin in over 20 years. 


Sarah Waldock, BalmLabs Founder and CEO

Sarah Waldock, BalmLabs Co-Founder & CEO 


Adult acne is something many of us still deal with. What made you want to focus on that area of skincare?

For a decade I searched high and low for a clean topical solution that would tackle my breakouts, but not leave my skin dry and irritated. When I met Dr. Robin Schaffran and she, too, was frustrated with the lack of topical products that she could prescribe for adult acne-prone skin, I was taken aback. She confirmed that there had been little to no innovation in the space in 20+ years, and the case numbers were reaching epidemic proportions, primarily with women. So we decided to team up and do something about it.

What is the favorite thing you've heard from one of your customers about your products?
I feel so fortunate to be on the receiving end of so many happy emails and DMs. And while many reference how the product has improved the look and feel of their skin, it’s hearing how it has helped them with their confidence that makes my heart full. For too long, people have been made to feel shallow or vain for expressing the emotional toll acne – and specifically, adult acne – has on them. I consider acne as much of a physical issue as it is an emotional one. Our goal is to support our community holistically with helpful content, links to resources and a direct line into me and Dr. Schaffran at all times.

Are you working on any innovations that you want to give us a sneak peak at?
Our product pipeline is long! Dr. Schaffran and our team of chemists are currently hard at work on two new additions to the ClearBalm line-up that we hope to rollout in the New Year.

How do you define "clean beauty"?
We believe wholeheartedly in “Clean Science”. Limited ingredients that we source carefully to ensure they meet the leading standards for clean in our industry. Purposeful formulation, which means no fillers, additives or trendy ingredients that won’t deliver on the product’s primary objective. And clean preservatives to ensure our products are both safe and stable – something that is essential for adult acne care.


Balm Labs ClearBalm skincare
BalmLabs beautifully packaged products 

Your products look gender-neutral, is that intentional?
Absolutely! We wanted to create a premium product that everyone would feel good about positioning on their bathroom counter. Most people hide their acne care products – we wanted to change that.

What skincare trends excite you?
Honestly, skinamilism. The K-beauty 12-step routines went straight over my head. I have always been an advocate of simplified skincare, and it is so wonderful to see the minimal routine getting some love.

What's your self-care routine?
Very simple, really. I take a long walk every morning to clear my head and reset for the day ahead. And I close out the day with an Epsom salt-infused soak in the tub. I’ve recently tried meditation and am enjoying it, although as a multi-tasker I find it really hard to clear the mind for a solid 5 minutes!

What other female owned brands do you love? Give them a shout out!
I am genuinely obsessed with Amy Welsman’s Paume – it’s an antibacterial hand gel that not only protects hands, but the incredible scent soothes the soul! After a year and a half of practically bathing in hand sanitizer, Paume is a much-needed step-up – I have bottles in the car, my purse, in the house – I cannot get enough!


Balm Labs Gentle Foam Cleanser


To celebrate our partnership, we're gifting a FREE BalmLabs CleanBalm Gentle Foam Cleanser with any full-size MASAMI purchase. (while supplies last!)


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